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Finally, a path to a brighter future.

 We are committed to brain health & healing.

 Wave Neuroscience provides a cutting-edge technology (MeRT™) with a mapped and focused treatment of the areas of the brain that are impaired.  The treatment has a spectacular positive effect on Autism as well as several other off-label applications that treat PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Pain Mitigation, Stroke, and Sleep Disorders.

 See the results and benefits of this Life-Changing Treatment!

The Science behind the Technology…

Outcomes by Indication

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Tracked by the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) showed that:


  • 50% of patients will see a 30% decrease in symptoms.
  • 70% of individuals with sleep disruption improved their sleep.
  • 66% of individuals with verbal and non-verbal communication difficulties experienced improvement.
  • 70% of individuals with difficulty maintaining eye contact experienced improved eye contact behavior.
  • 50% of individuals with diminished learning capacity experienced improvement.

Autism Treatment Investor Opportunity


From an investment standpoint, your participation will be worth more than money.  Knowing that while your Investment is earning a substantial return, you will be able to actually see the Treatment Center where the MeRT™ patients are receiving this life-changing treatment.

We are opening Brain Treatment Centers in the USA! 

We are seeking funding from individuals and organizations that have an interest in contributing and assisting opening new centers. We have financing for treatment that will provide long-term loans for patients and their families who need it.  This treatment, and its tremendous positive results, should not be limited by financial considerations. Our intention is to provide financing to everyone who needs it.  

The funds will be used for:

  1. Company & Legal Structure
  2. Cost of Brain Treatment Center’s Licensing Partnership
  3. Clinic Office Space Lease
  4. Start-Up Capital

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Patient Early Scheduling Discount Opportunity

Treatment openings are limited.  We will be able to treat 10 patients per day per MeRT machine.

We are offering a Early Scheduling Discount of 25% off Treatment for those who wish to secure an opening prior to the opening of the Treatment Center.

All Pre-Payments will be held in escrow, not to be used until the actual appointment is scheduled.  All Pre-Payments are 100% refundable prior to treatment.


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