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Q: Does insurance cover the cost?

A: Insurance currently covers the cost of treatment for depression only


Q: Is financing available?

A: We have a financing package available to cover the cost of treatment and housing / travel.


Q: I’m coming from a distance, is housing available?

A: We have negotiated favorable rates with local lodging.


Q: How much time does the treatment take per day?

A: Each protocol has its own recommended length of time, for autism, treatment takes 40-minutes.


Q: How many days per week is the treatment?

A: Normally patients receive treatment 5-times per week.


Q: How will I know if it is working?

A: An EEG is performed before the first treatment, and then 4-treatments are given on subsequent days. Then a 2nd EEG is performed and the results of the two EEG’s are compared. If the EEG’s are different then the patient is a Responder and the treatment is working.


Q: How soon after I know it is working will I see a positive change in behavior?

A: Often times the first signs that the patient will display is improved sleep followed by a calmer demeanor.  Typically within one week.


Q: Does it hurt?

A: There is no pain associated with the treatment.


Q: Does the treatment have any chance of injuring the patient?

A: There has never been an incident of a patient being directly injured by the treatment. 


Q: My child has seizures, can they be treated?

A: To maintain the highest regard for patient safety we do not administer the treatment to patients that have had previous seizure activity.


Q: Will it cure my child?

A: The treatment will improve the condition of those who respond to the treatment however, we do not claim to cure an ailment. 


Q: Is the treatment FDA Approved

A: The treatment is FDA Approved for depression and administered off-label for other protocols such as autism, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Sleep Disorder, ADHD, OCD and others.


Q: How long has this treatment been around?

A: The technology that MeRT is based on was invented in 1985 and has been used for clinical research and treatment. 35 years of use and no patient has been injured.


Q: Why haven’t I heard of it?

A: The FDA approved TMS for depression in 2008 and no substantial advertising has been done.


Q: Why aren’t there more clinics?

A: Many more clinics will be opening in 2020 and marketing efforts have begun to create greater exposure.